Kinds of meat grinders
 On today’s market, there are many kinds of meat grinders with different functions, specifications, attachments, accessories, facilities, qualities and prices so you need to learn carefully for choosing the most suitable model. Before going to shopping, let you read the brief review of top rated best meat grinder on in order to understand clearly all of them’s features. Below are four basic meat grinders: manual meat grinders, standalone or electric meat grinders, commercial meat grinders and meat grinder attachment.

     1. Manual meat grinders

This type of grinder is manually operated without using electricity especially some of them are equipped the extra clamps for attaching to tabletop or countertop so that everyone utilize it stably. However, the manual meat grinder has a big disadvantage caused by clamps that means it is very easy to be loose and slip off tabletop and countertop when being used regularly. Thus, let you prepare a dry towel for repairing.
Another limitation is that because of being operated by hand, its grinding speed is quite low. Therefore, it does not fit to families which need to use this tool frequently or people who utilize it with business purpose. Meanwhile, this manual tool itself is the most appropriate choice for families which have a not good economic condition or do not want to pay the extra money for electricity bills. The biggest advantage of this tool is that its very low unserviceable rate due to it is manually operated. That means it will never happen the burnt electric circuit because of being overloaded, short circuit or other electrical problems.

     2. Standalone or electric meat grinders

Unlike the manual meat grinder, standalone or electric meat grinder is an extremely perfect selection for people who need to grind a large amount of meat regularly. Depending on your budget, you will have an electric meat grinder attached to the varied attachments and accessories especially it gets the different quality levels: low, medium, high levels. Its prices’ change not only depends on attachments and accessories but features, engine capacity and quality of materials as well. In a word, the following reasons will show you why it is more expensive than the normal meat grinders. Furthermore, you will also save more time than that means you are able to grind a huge amount of meat within a short time about a few minutes in a attractive design. The main parts of an electric meat grinder consist of grinding plates’ set, sausage stuffing, tray, cutting blades.

     3. Commercial meat grinders

Unlike the kinds of meat grinders for home use, this machine suits to the using demands of traders who need to grind meat and make sausages at commercial level. The commercial meat grinders are more effective than the standalone or electric meat grinders on account of its stronger engine. For example, these models are usually equipped the extra a  large number of attachment pieces as well as options in order to perform the different functions for meeting need of users. With every performance, this commercial meat grinder can make the hundreds of pounds meat. Like standalone meat grinder, this kind of machine also has the variety of models and functions. To meet the utilizing need of each individual, the meat grinder manufacturers have produced a good number of models with different quality levels from the average to the best ones.

     4. Meat grinder attachment

It is very necessary for meat grinder without getting motor to be equipped the extra mixer. This part is attached in the top of mixer so it is operated by means of engine of mixer especially it is able to grind more meat than other normal meat grinders. What is more, you can also take advantage of it for grinding vegetable or making sausages in the cinch. In the event of being in comparison with an electric meat grinder, it also has the automatic function with a more reasonable price.
Whether you opt for a manual, electric, commercial meat grinders or meat grinder attachment, it will provide you with a good organized kitchen because with the only model attached full of essential accessories, all of your demands in kitchen are able to be met.
How to Cook Hokkaido Milky Bread
With me, the real pleasure is simply to be sniffed the smell of the new braked milky bread, torn each piece of sweet, soft cake as cotton especially tastily rich fresh cream flavor. It is more wonderful when I am eaten with a cup of hot cocoa. The hokkaido milky bread will bring you that leisurely setting. If you have to always eat in a hurry for working, luckily, it is also very delicious in that case.
Actually, making Hokkaido milk bread isn’t difficult but you must take very much effort, in the event of dough by hand. With kneading machine, it will take you from 10 to 15 minutes so you can image how intensity your hands have to work about an hour.
With this hokkaido milky bread, normally, there are two versions: fresh cream, tangzhong (water roux) – a kind of gelatin has the effect of making the soft sponge-cake. Because I love both of them so I try a combination recipe. I haven’t ever performed one of the versions above separately so I don’t know which recipe is better but with mine, the bread is very soft and tastily rich. Obviously, if you don’t like a too fatty bread, I also have some spare solutions for you.

What You Will Need

  • Tangzhong (enough for the amount of batter in bottom)
  • 25g bread flour
  • 125 g fresh milk without sugar (you can replace with the cold water for reducing fat but it will influence the aromatic level a little)
  • Bread (about 570g powder which is enough for “a big flower with five petals” in the 20cm round cake pan to four people).
  • 270g bread flour
  • 1 tsp active dry yeast
  • 1 tsp powdered milk (there is a small influence to the aromatic level, if not)
  • 50g sugar (if you want to eat with the salty dishes such as egg or grilled meat, you should reduce 20g sugar. However, in my opinion, this kind of bread has many cream and milk so taking sweetmeat will be better.)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • A small egg (about 45g)
  • 30g fresh whipping cream (fat content about 35-40%)
  • 50g fresh milk without sugar
  • 25g unsalted butter melting (you can use margarine for reducing fat)
  • The entire Tangzhong above

How to Do

Firstly, you need to make the Tangzhong part before weighing ingredients for the cake because Tangzhong need a certain time to cool then you can put it into the flour mixture. Moreover, the most standard tangzhong is the milk and powder mixture in 65 degrees C. Thus, let you utilize a candy thermometer for measuring.
     1> Put powder and milk into a nonstick skillet or pot to stir until seeing the dissolve powder, turning on the stove. In the event of the insoluble powder mixture, let you sift mixture once before heating.
     2> Heating the milk and powder mixture in a small heat and continue stirring by a wooden spoon. In case you don’t have a candy thermometer for measuring, let you keep stirring until seeing a thick mixture as glue, you can turn off the stove without being the cooked powder and go on stirring until it is cool.
     3> After that, pour a little fresh milk and sugar into this mixture. Don’t forget to add a little active dry yeast in order to activate yeast. If you store yeast in a quite long time and not sure whether or not it can still use, this way is very effective. In the event of new yeast, you just need mix in place of doing that step.
     4> Prepare a bow with a thin layer of cooking oil for keeping dough. Meanwhile, put all of other dry ingredients into another one to mix well. After finishing, let you create a small hold in the middle to pour the liquid ingredients into. When mixing well, it should be moved into kneading table to knead by hands within from 40 to 45 minutes or you can put it into machine to mix from 10 to 15 minutes until it becomes a smooth and not sticky dough.
     5> Keep dough the first time: fold and round dough block to put it into the prepared bow with a thin layer of cooking oil. Don’t forget to upturn your dough block so that cooking oil covers all of sides. Finally, you just need cover up by a moist towel or plastic wrap for avoiding the dry surface during the process of keeping powder about an hour or until dough rises double. The way of recognizing is to utilize 2 fingers for pressing into dough block without seeing powder puffs back.
     6> Prepare a baking tray with a layer of cooking oil to prevent sticking. Before diving and shaping dough, let you knead again to mix well the wet powder part in the bottom. Next, put it into baking tray and bake.
     7> Keep dough the second time: Like the first one, covering up it by moist towel or plastic wrap about 45-60 minutes or until dough rises double appearing a thin layer of skin especially when shaking, you will see a wonky dough.
     8> Before time of keeping out about 15 minutes, you need heat oven 170-175 degrees C. Bake within 30-40 minutes. Remember to cover up it by foil after 20 minutes.
Things You Should Know About Feng Shui Kitchen

It comes to feng shui a kitchen very much regarded it as the superstitious and have no scientific basis, but absolutely not because of the important role the kitchen decides the prosperity of the family. And the latest in feng shui kitchen is not too hard. So when the interior design kitchen, needs attention to things that can bring a real kitchen space. Along with choosing the best accessories such as cooking pot, pan, fryer (especially fryer when there are so information sources like to help your choice), the view of kitchen is also important. Below is some tips for you

  • Location

Kitchen positions that affect the entire House and structural impact on the psychological nuances of family members. The need for attention to a few points:
+ In the kitchen space, the stove should not put opposite the doors because the stove is the key of the cooking space. If open see cooktop right, easy family encounter things not good.
+ Stove need a place to stand behind to support so you can put the kitchen wall or close the window.
+ Fire and water is always 2 conflicting elements according to the marble. Therefore, you should not set the stove near the water pipe, the family is in conflict.
+ In feng shui, sharp corners always mean calamity, very dark cavalry charge. The kitchen should not be sharp corners. This will cause a very bad influence on health of the members in the House.
+ Do not place the stove under the stairs as such, prosperity will be gas overwhelms the negative influence to the psychology of everyone in the family.
+ Special, you shouldn’t put the kitchen opposite the bathroom or bedroom. The restroom much bad gas will impact the health of families. As for the bedrooms, hot air in the kitchen will break the transport gas for the rest lead to not sleep soundly, not good health.
  • Kitchen Guides

The kitchen represents fire, north of glass, glass-fire of conflict. So, should not put the stove in the north will avoid much conflict in the family. Besides, the fridge, sink also in feng shui, should avoid placing the kitchen between these things. Besides, when interior design kitchen kitchen hand, just right, not too high because: moderate kitchen floor to avoid dirty water from kitchen status can flow spills over to other spaces in the house. The stove is placed in the final position but again higher than the floors in both bedrooms and living room floor will create that overturning causing negative impacts to physical people in the house as well.
  • The Equipment And Accessories

The way you arrange the furniture in the kitchen also partly reflect human, your personality. And it also has little to no impact on the life and work of the whole family. So that you should review thoroughly its arrangement. The seasonings such as onion, garlic, easy to absorb the atmosphere, would be very not good if you leave them on high. Similarly, the sharp objects such as knives, scissors should also not so visible in places. You can store them in boxes or special prices when using it. With the fire characteristics such as electric rice cooker, oven, you should put in a favorable direction in addition to prosperity for the space the kitchen. You can set the mirror in the kitchen, however, absolutely no place them shining straight into the kitchen. The mirror will reflect the image of fire, brought the vision of fire and many of the unfortunate for the family. However, if you put the mirror in the dining room in the position may reflect the dishes on the table then this is helping your family’s shipping increase. Select the appropriate table: many families set the dinner table right in the kitchen just to save an area of medium to increase family time together. The dining table is an item of kitchen should you need to pay attention to choose the color, the style stars for similarities, avoid too prominent or too pale will cause a feeling of balance.
Some notes to consider when making cookie cake

The holiday occasion, biscuits / cookies are also an indispensable foods. If you are a cooking lover and want to make these cakes, the article below will guide you through the basic note, from preparation to finished product of professional biscuits.

1. The differences between cookie cake and biscuit:

Generally two types of cakes have many similarities in main ingredients and processing but have many differences in appearance and enjoying culture. Many people who find it difficult to distinguish between these concepts should read the following points:
a) Cookie
  •  Small shaped, flat, thin and porous.
  •  Main ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, butter and oil.
  •  Subcomponents: added ingredients as grapes, oats, nuts or chocolate chips (this is county additives which is small, sweet, colorful …).
  • Cookies do not use baking powder when baking they will be dry again.
  • Cookies are served with milk or tea or coffee.
b) Biscuit
  • Also known as crack cookies which have crackers and brittle hardness.
  •  Main Ingredients: same as cookie with less sugar and baking powder or baking soda added. Therefore in the baking process, cakes will bloom up more.

In the UK and Europe, biscuits are enjoyed with tea for softer, served with cheese after a meal, or with honey, butter, gravy or jam during breakfast.

2. Principles to mix flour

This is a general rule when making dough for beginners. So if you are experienced or professional baker, you can skip this step.

Before you get to squeeze dough for shaping  and put in the oven, you need to mix and knead the dough thoroughly, then form what shapes of cookie you want before baking. Therefore, make sure the following items are always available before you get to work:

a)  Baking tools
  • Whisk machine (or rod whisk by hand)
  •  Mixing bowl ( this kind is often half the size of a watermelon)
  • Oven
You should choose the type of full-sized oven of 40L and 3 to 4 grill floors, (usually manufacturers give one tray only). You should buy more trays. Also, you are advised to select the oven with convectional fan to dissipate the heat more evenly.
  • Shaping tools: Cookie Press is a new solution which is more convenient and popular for cake-making enthusiasts. Gun hand Machine pressed powder flowing through the hole to shape the cake mold. If you just need the simple cakes, you can also use cutting pattern with many various shapes. However this type cannot shape 3D imaging as cookie press machine, and must have roll dough evenly before cutting. If you do not like complicated design, you can also crush dough up to create a simple pie cake.

b) Raw materials

The basic raw materials in order that you can start baking cookies include: Soft Butter, white Sugar (puree to mix them in the dough easily), flour and eggs. In addition to the main ingredients, you can add honey, jam, almonds and spices (vanilla, chocolate) to flavor the cake.
c) Guides to make dough
The majority of beginners usually do not pay close attention to dough-making stage and the order of putting the raw materials into the mix. This influences a lot to sweetness, crispness and quality of cakes after baking. Please remember the following guidelines:
  •  Sift flour finely, put routed egg into the sifted flour, then mix the compound by machine or hand tools to create flour-egg mixture.
  • Keep butter at room temperature in order to be soft and easy to blend. You should prepare this ingredient when beggining first step because it needs much time to be soft.
Sift sugar into butter and stir the mixture to flow together. So, we have butter-surgar mixture.
  •  Pour mixtures of butter-sugar and flour-egg together to form a glutinous compound.
  •  You can add other ingredients into dough to add flavor to cakes such as honey, almonds, fruit jam, chocolate or vanila …
  •  After you’ve finished making your dough, you need to shape cakes and then bake them in the oven between 10′- 20 ‘, depending on types of cake. Oven temperature is typically 160-180 degrees C.

3. Some notes to keep in mind when using the Cookie Press:

– Soft dough will be esier to shape more because it is made evenly and more sharply. Absolutely do not add big chips into the dough because it can stuck in the shot hole of cake.

– In the process of shaping cakes, you have to clean regularly patterns to make nice pie shapes and not stick on tool.

– To put dough into tubes evenly, no air bubbles it should be wrapped in food wrap according to tube form by size, then keep in the refrigerator.

Members dough with plastic film food in the refrigerator to put into tube shape for easier cookies.

Rolling dough with plastic food wrap and putting in the refrigerator will help you to shape cookies more easily.

Six useful tips on how to arrange your kitchen neatly
The kitchen is without a doubt one of the most important part in a house. Your kitchen is usually filled with various, countless things to assist you in cooking. It is wonderful to have everything you need within your reach; however, how to arrange them neatly is quite a tough question to many people. Have you ever found yourself frustrated in the mid of a messy kitchen and not know where to put or find something? Have you ever wanted to make a better use of the space in your kitchen but do not know how to begin? In this article, we will suggest some useful tips for you in order to keep your kitchen tidy and clean.
1. Tip 1 – You have the space under the sink left there for no purpose? It is time to put a pocket organizer there.

The space under the sink in your kitchen is too big to be abandoned. Yet just putting everything down there in no order is not a good use either. You may end up forgetting them. You can make a pocket organizer with your sewing machine (if you have one and know how to sew). Or else you can buy one in any nearby supermarket. They vary in sizes, shapes and color; therefore you can easily find the one that would fit your under-sink space the best.
2. Tip 2 – Now look up to the space over your sink. Are you using it? If yes, are you using it correctly?
The space over the sink is usually left unreasonably unused, while they can indeed be very useful. This space can be easy to access while you are cleaning stuff. You can put a horizontal rack there to hold your cups and small bowls, or for drying your newly washed items without worrying about wetting your kitchen floor or kitchen counter because all the drip will just fall back down to the sink. This way, you can save a lot of space and have more cleanliness around your sink and your counter.
3. Tip 3 – Your cabinets have bare sides. Do not forget to make use of them.
The bare sides of your cabinets are also places that can often be neglected while they can have extra usage! Why don’t you place some small hang hooks there and you will have some convenient hangers.
You happen to have long, thin objects that just do not fit anywhere in your cup board? Then now you can hang them along the cabinet bare sides with the help of these hooks.
4. Tip 4 – Maybe your kitchen is too small for huge cupboards, why don’t you just go with small shelves?
Having a cupboard or some cupboards is really an enjoyable experience yet sometimes your kitchen’s space is not large enough for that. Trying to include a cupboard in this situation is not a good idea. You may want to look for small, simple shelves. These shelves can be as simple as small, thin veneers which can be stick or attached directly onto the wall. They are easy to use and available in any colors that you want, so you can also have them as beautiful ornament to decorate your kitchen (6). Not to mention that they are very inexpensive and you can even make them yourself.
5. Tip 5 – Have you ever thought about making use of the inside of your cabinets’ doors?
The inside of your cabinets’ door are usually wasted just as much as the bare sides. In fact, you can do the same thing here: attached one or two rows of small hang hooks there and you have another place for putting your hangable objects. Instead of long, thin object – which can make it difficult for you to close your cabinets – you should hand small things here.
6. Tip 6 – Magnetic rack is not only for the office, you can also use it in your kitchen as well
In your kitchen, there are more than metal tools that you may estimate. One effective way to arrange them is to make a magnetic rack to simply stick everything on at any time when you do not need them. On a magnetic board, it is easy to arrange things in a neat order and easy to put it and take out.
With these simple tips, you can have more space as well as tidier look all over your kitchen. Happy cooking time!
How To Make Butter Cookie For Baby
If you ask children that ” do you like cookies?”. Of course, their answer is “yes”.  This is not surprising because sometimes adults still sweets and cookies. The children like cookies because of the biological development of the body. That is the reason why a lot of mothers try to learn how to make cookies for their kids.

Butter cookies (10) which are also known as Holland biscuit are not too difficult to do at home. In contrast, the steps and materials to make this food are quite simple.

As we all know, practically cookie has no added flavoring, although they are often flavored with vanilla and chocolate. You can do them in different shapes.

You can also make this cake on the weekend or on the holidays because they are very suitable for the children to enjoy.


  • 1 medium bowl
  • 1 wooden spoon
  • Baking tray
  • Cutting cake pattern
  • Servings: 4 servings
  • 500 grams (4 cups) of flour
  • 250 gm (2 cup) of cornmeal
  • 3 or 4 eggs
  • 250 gm (9 tablespoons) unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 250 gm (1/4 cup) sugar
  • A pinch of salt


1. Set the oven temperature at 180 ° C ( 350 ° F). Rinse a baking tray and sprinkle with a little flour on it until the tray is covered with a layer of powder completely.
2. Temper butter and salt together. You can pour 2 mixture into a bowl with the average size and stir them with a wooden spoon until it becomes a soft dough.
3. Add sugar into the mixture above and continue to stir until the mixture becomes smooth.
4. Add the eggs to the mixture and continue kneading all in bowl before making the next step.
5. Add the flour and cornmeal into the mixtures to continue mixing. You can use a spoon or fork to mix.

6. Remove dough from bowl and knead the dough on a plastic cutting board or on a clean flat surface.

So, you knead for about 15 minutes, or until dough is stiff and smooth. If the dough still sticks to your hands, you can add a little more flour to knead.
7. Use the scroll bar to scroll the dough back and continue knead to dough into a circle with about 5mm thickness

8. Use the cake mould shaped flowers or animals to cut scrolled layers of dough into fun shapes of cake as you wish.

9. Put cut cake out of the baking tray. You should let cakes a little bit far from each other as if they are placed too close together, they might stick together during baking.

10. Sprinkle a little sugar on cakes before you place the baking sheet in the oven.

11. Preheat the baking tray in the oven then take it out and put cookie cakes on. Continue to bake them around 15 to 20 minutes.

12. Take out the cake from the oven and place them out to allow the cakes to get cool again, it means when they reach room temperature. Make sure that they are removed the oven slowly and gently to avoid being gooey.
13. You can leave them in a sealed bag and then leave them in the cool drawer of refrigerator about two weeks.


  • You can add flavor to butter cookies by using vanilla sugar instead of white sugar vanilla is very flavored ingredient but does not lose the taste of butter.
  • If baking time is longer, you can make cake turns more yellow or even brown.This means your cookie cake might not keep the flavor or even be burned.
  •  A little flour, cornmeal is always available to add since you will be able to add flour when mix the compound excessively.
  • If you do not have cornstarch, you can also use white flour instead.
  • You have to use gloves when taking cookies out of the oven to protect your hands from burning.
  • The cookies are baked very quickly, so you have to keep an eye on the oven when baking them.
  •  These cookies are very easily broken, especially while they are still hot. Therefore, you have to transport them into the shelf gently when cooled.
Drinking with moderation for people with diabetes – A quick overview

People with diabetes (PWDs), especially those with recent diagnosis, often wonder if they can drink alcohol. While alcohol can result in problems for them, they still want to enjoy alcohol during dinner or gatherings with friends and family. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors and it is necessary to have essential knowledge about possible problems when consuming alcohol. This is the aim of this quick guide; plus, there are a number of useful safety tips when drinking for PWDs.

1. Potential problems caused by alcohol for PWDs

There are warnings of consuming alcohol even for healthy people. If taken too much, alcohol may lead to such issues as weight gain, damage to the liver and nerves and increased blood pressures.     

For PWDs, the live is prevented from releasing glucose when they drink alcohol, resulting in low blood glucose. This is particularly dangerous for people who are taking glucose-lowering medications. Certain diabetes complications can be worsened due to excessive alcohol consumption (for example: kidney disease).

2. Still, it is possible for PWDs to drink alcohol

Despite these potential health problems, PWDs do not necessarily have to avoid alcohol. However, they need to consider the health status or the types of blood glucose-lowering medications they take.

Before deciding where to drink alcohol or not, PWDs should check with doctors and follow their advices to avoid the cases that alcohol can worsen diabetes complications. They need to make sure that their diabetes conditions are under control, they know the possible negative consequences of drinking alcohol and how to treat/handle low blood glucose.

If all these conditions are met, PWDs can drink alcohol but in moderation. Binge drinking will make it hard for glucose control. Stick to the limit of no more than one alcoholic drink a day for women and more than two drinks for men.

3. Safety drinking tips for PWDs

For PWDs, drinking in moderation is a must but that is not enough. For their safety, there are some recommendations they should take as follows:  

  • Do not drink on an empty stomach. This actually applies for any drinker. Drinking when the blood glucose is low is not recommended at all. Have an appetizer or at least some snack and the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream will be slowed down. It is best to have a proper meal first: this will reduce the probability of excessive drinking. Make sure to have some carbohydrate-rich foods when drinking.

  • Drink enough water to keep the body hydrated (9) and do not use alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst.

  • Drink slowly.

  • Choose drinks or mixed drinks that are low in carbohydrate and calories. Light beer, wine and diet soda are among popular options.  

  • Check blood glucose level before, during and after drinking to make sure it is safe. It helps to keep a blood glucose meter around.      The safe level of blood glucose before drinking should be around 90-150 mg/dl. Make sure glucose checks are done so that proper adjustment and treatment are carried out on time. Also, do not forget to perform checking before going to bed.

  • Always bring along glucose tablets or some sugar source (sweet snacks, perhaps) just in case. The blood glucose level can drop quickly so they are for emergency treatment. Be aware that even though glucagon is used for low blood glucose treatment, it does not work with the presence of alcohol in the blood stream.

  • Do not exercise hard while drinking to reduce the possibility of low blood sugar.

  • Always wear diabetes IDs when drinking out. The symptoms of low blood glucose level and intoxication are quite similar so unfamiliar people may not realize it before it is true late. To make sure that proper and rapid care is taken, PWDs people need their IDs with them.

  • Always have at least a person around who can provide assistance when needed, especially when drinking out. Let friends and family members know how to check the blood glucose level, how to tell symptoms of hypoglycemia and when hypoglycemia treatments are necessary.  

To sum up, it is possible for PWDs to drink alcohol in moderation if certain conditions are met.

Easy tips for healthy drinking
You may read about the negative health impacts of drinking alcohol before. Alcohol and sugar in drink can be bad for you, especially if you drink heavily and regularly: there are a lot of potential problems like increased blood pressure, poor dental health, and increased risk of diabetes. You’re your brain and vascular systems can also be affected. That being said, you can still enjoy alcohol for dinner or unwind yourself with a glass of fine wine at weekend with no problem as long as you understand these basic tips for healthy drinking:
  • Eat properly before and after drinking

Lots of people consume alcohols when they are starving. It is definitely a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach because the alcohol will enter your blood stream quickly. It is very likely that you will end up with a massive hangover when you wait up the next day. Eat before you drink and the alcohol will not flood your body system. A little food can do you great favors. Have some snacks, an appetizer and even a regular meal if you are still hungry.
In case you have a hangover the next day, a healthy meal with fresh juice can help you gain back the essential nutrients you have just lost because of drinking. Drinking mineral water and having vitamin C and B are good for your body.
  • Stay hydrated when you drink

You probably will not feel dehydrated after drinking a glass or two but if you drink too much, your body will let you know when it needs water. To balance the dehydrating effect of alcohol on the body, you should drink a big glass of water between drinks. Lemon water, coconut water, and ice can also be helpful. As you drink enough water between drinks, it is less likely that you will go overboard on alcohol.
  • Drink in moderation (8)

It is important that you keep count of your drinks and pour wisely. Whether you are a man or a woman, there is a recommended limit for you. It is best for women to consume no more than one alcoholic drink per day and no more than two alcoholic drinks for men. Skip tumblers because they quite contain a larger quality of drink; opt for taller glasses instead. 
  • Choose clear liquor

If you drink quite a lot and want to avoid a bad hangover, clear liquors (like vodka and grin) are your best friends; they are also lower in calories. Dark drinks like brandy and whisky contains higher amount of congeners, making your hangover worst.
  • Have adequate rest before and after drinking

Even if you have a lot of free time during the weekend, don’t drink throughout the day; you need a break of at least one hour or two.  In case you need to drink extensively, choose drinks with very low alcohol content (beer, for example). If you have a rough, sleepless night or are physically tired, rest properly before you drink or your energy will be drained out. A good rest is also necessary after a night of drinking. Most ideally, stay out of alcohol for 2 days after you drink heavily.
  • Do not use alcohol as a solution for your insomnia

Many people tend to alcohol before going to bed as they believe it helps them get sleepy easier. While alcohol may trigger your sleep, it does not increase the quality of your sleep and can make you feel uncomfortable in the morning. So if you want to drink wine with your dinner, it is fine; however, you should stop at that.
  • Avoid alcohol when you are pregnant

You may find some studies that say drinking during pregnancy will not affect the baby’s development. However, for safety reason, you will avoid alcohol. Who knows for sure if alcohol can affect the baby’s IQ or the mom’s health or not? It is best not to take that risk.
  • Skip mixed drinks…

You may like mixed drinks because they taste good. In fact, these drinks are high in calories and are hard on your head. And don’t mix sugar or syrup in your drink: fresh juice and water are better options.
  • … but add lemon or lime to the drink

Lemon and lime help take out toxins, which is very important since drinking can weaken the immune system. Plus, they also support digestion and add natural flavor to the drink. 
  • Drink less and not as often

It is obvious for healthy drinking but not everyone follows that. Cutting down on your alcohol consumption can reduce negative health impacts. Learning to so “no” more often when people offer you drinks. You can also find other alternatives and develop healthier habits during your free time.  Do you best to stay within low-risk limits when drinking.
Kimchi – The Asian cuisine feature

No doubt that the most famous Korean dish that you should taste is Kimchi which is made of fermenting vegetables. It is considered as one of the food which brings the healthiest benefit on the entire world. This dish is so popular that there are up to 200 different kinds of Kimchi in Korea. It is also carried around the world as a characteristic of Asian cuisine without using complicated cooking formula which is done on the stove (3).

1. Kimchi is a Korean culture

Including many spices and peppery is characteristic of Kimchi. Kimchi is not a main dish but most Koreans eat it every day with different forms. It is regarded as the king of the pickles.

In addition, Kimchi is also a nutritious dish. In some locations, the Koreans add fish or shrimp sauce to Kim Chi, so it has a basic protein content plus the minerals found in salt, fiber in vegetables and the other substances in spices such as garlic, ginger, onion, etc…

2. The effect of kimchi for the health

  • Reduce the cholesterol level

Garlic in Kimchi contains allicin and selenium which are very helpful in reducing cholesterol level of the body. These substances prevent the formation of plaque building up in the artery wall which indirectly help to prevent the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

  • Cure diabetes

For patients who are type 2 diabetes, if they know to combine Kimchi with a low fat diet, it will help them tolerate glucose better as well as to reduce the blood sugar disorder level.

  • Cure stomach ulcer

The beneficial bacterium in kimchi called lactobacillus helps to prevent harmful pathogens from connecting with gastric cancer cells as well to cure the ulcer.

  • Slow down the aging process

After only two week fermentation, Kimchi contains many oxidation retardants which help to reduce the rate of skin aging. It also inhibits cell oxidation which helps you become younger.

  • Help to lose the weight and prevent the obesity

150 grams of Kimchi contains only 40 calories. Besides, capsaicin of chili in Kimchi also boosts the metabolism and helps you use energy in your body and burn fat to lose the weight more effectively.

  • Improve the immune system

Kimchi contains much flavonoids and phenolic components. Ginger, garlic and chili in Kimchi are the protective substances which have the effects of improving the immune system, fighting the infection and treating the symptoms of cold and flu.

  • Preventing cancer

Kimchi also helps to reduce the risk of many types of cancer because of glucosinolates which helps to form isothiocyanates. Cabbage in Kimchi contains beneficial flavonoids which help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

3. Help you make Kimchi cabbage


  • 3 kilograms of cabbages

  • 1 radish

  • 2-3 carrots

  • 1 onion

  • 3 leeks

  • 5 onions

  • A little shallot, ginger and garlic

  • An apple or a pear

  • A cup of glutinous flour

  • Salt, a cup of fish sauce

  • a cup of sugar

Let’s start:

  • Step 1: Cabbages can be used whole trees or divided in two. However, if you make Kimchi for your family to eat, you should separate into individual leaves. This will be more convenient for washing. Radish and carrots should be shaved into big fibers.

  • Step 2: If you want to leave the whole cabbage to make Kimchi, after washing it, you should sprinkle salt into each of leaves and soak in 2-3 hours until it is soft. For the leaves which have separated, you split them and cut into pieces about 4-5 cm. Then, mix them with salt. Turnip and carrots are also mixed with salt.

  • Step 3: After cabbage leaves have been soft, rinse them 2-3 times with clean water. Put them in the basket to be dry. Do the same thing with turnip and carrots.

  • Step 4: Use a cup of glutinous flour to mix with about 3 cups of water. Pour into the pot, stir on stove with small fire. Then add a cup of sugar. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes limpid as children flour that you can turn off the stove.

  • Step 5: Cut onions, leeks and shallots into pieces about 2 – 3 cm. Mix the cool glutinous flour with them.

  • Step 6: Take a cup of fish sauce and pour it into the grinder together with chopped garlic, ginger, apple and onion.

  • Step 7: Mix the grinded mixture with chili powder and the glutinous flour.

  • Step 8: Take the mixture to rub into each leave of cabbage. For cut cabbages, you can mix them with the mixture which have already made above. Put into boxes for 2-3 days that you may eat.

Seven interesting design ideas to decorate your kitchen
The kitchen can sometimes be the soul of a house. That is not only a place where you cook, but also the space where your life is reflected. You make your food there, you eat there, you stay there to read or to watch TV. Sometimes people also use the kitchen to welcome their guests. So a great deal of your life is spent there. Therefore, it is important that you make your kitchen a pleasant place to be. This is not an easy task since your kitchen is meant to be filled with numerous things in all sizes and shapes. Arranging these things neatly will give you a tidy kitchen (7). Yet right from the start, you can save a lot of efforts if you have good designs applied to your kitchen. In this article we will provide some design ideas that can help you to have a great kitchen!
1. Tip 1 – A kitchen never means to be in the dark. Find an adequate light source for it.

Imagine yourself in a dark place trying to cut some meat. That is frustrating and even dangerous, isn’t it? Your kitchen is not supposed to be lack of light. You should build the kitchen at a place where you can get a lot of light enter through the kitchen windows or doors. If your house’s location does not allow this, then when you arrange the electrical lights in your kitchen, you should go with an adequate amount of them.
2. Tip 2 – The idea of moving in and out makes you feel tired? Put your kitchen in a place with easy traffic.
Your kitchen is a place where you will need to take in many things and let out just as much. These processes can be tiring sometimes.
For example, imagine when you buy a car of groceries and need to carry all of them into the kitchen. If the only way to do so is to go through a long way from the garage through the yard, into the living room and then into your kitchen, would it be too troublesome for you? Or, another example, when you need to carry trash out of the kitchen through a long path, that would not be an unpleasant task. So when you design your kitchen, try to put it in a place where you can access easily from outside the house.
3. Tip 3 – Let your kitchen be ventilated well to avoid humidity
There is nothing as annoying as a wet and humid kitchen. Design your kitchen so that there will be wind in and out. This way, you can keep the kitchen dry and clean more easily. Not to mention that when you cook, a well-ventilated kitchen will allow the food smells to escape much faster.
4. Tip 4 – Make a shelf in any place that you could
A kitchen can usually be very messy due to the fact that there are too many things there. There are some objects which are too small or too big or have a shape that is hard to fit in a normal cupboard. So it is the best idea to make use of all the space possible and turn them into shelves or hangers to store things and, therefore, save space. You are free in designing your shelves, they can be various in sizes, shapes and the colors are easily controlled. They are, therefore, not only useful for storing objects but also beautiful for decorating your kitchen.
5. Tip 5 – Combination of color for a better look
Do not let your kitchen look too monotone or too colorful. You should use light colors for your kitchen, it will make the space look wider and cleaner. On that base, insert some more shades here and there. Colors like grey, beige, cream or ivory will work really well for your kitchen.
6. Tip 6 – Extend the kitchen if it is possible
It is a good idea to have your kitchen opens up to your living room or dining room (if you want to separate dining room from the kitchen). Your kitchen will have a wider look.
7. Tip 7 – Use up the height that you have in the kitchen

If you do not have enough floor space for several big cupboards, why don’t you think of making use of the height in your kitchen?
Walk-in closet is not only for bedrooms; you can use them in the kitchen and make a lot of space for your kitchen tools. The upper part can be used to store objects that you do not use often. That way, you know where to look when you need them. And this is a much better place for them than the space under the sink, which can sometimes be wet and not safe for them.